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the photo is tagen in Rudkoebing on Langeland Denmark
velcome to my homepages
My name is Kim Nielsen was born in Copenhagen Denmark on September 1  1949
i now live in Sweden,but during my childhood I lived both in Copenhagen and two small fishing villages on the westcoast of Jutland (Esbjerg and Hirtshals ) where my grandfather had a fishingboat,and me and my uncle worked with him,15 years old iI left school and signed on as cooks mate on various tankers,sailing to USA,Venesuela,Caribbean,Trinidad/Tobago,Aruba,
Japan,India,Persian golf,England,Holland and Greenland
In 1970 I had to enlist and joined the Danish Navy,after basic training in North Sealand,was statined on an fishing inspection boat serving first among the Faroe Islands and after a couple of weeks along the coast of Greenland for 9 months,we also had the privilegede to have the then crownprincess and her husband on board for 2 weeks,showing them many of the small villages along the coast,most on the west coast of Greenland.
After my discarge form the Navy I worked for a trucking company in Copenhagen for at short while then I returned to Greenlandworking at the holel at the airport in Sonderstrom fjord(Sondy) near the American base there,we have later faunded a club whit a lot of people working on Sonderstrom and on the base,we meet once a year and exchange old memories.
After 2 years on Greenland I returned to Copenhagen,working various jobs,but around 1988 jobs were to come by,and getting older did not help, the unemployment rate in Denmark was very high at that time.
I then get at job in Sweden in november 88 and moved there and have lived here since then,my wife came in 89 and my stepdaugther in 92,we live in at small town called Hillerstorp with a population of abt. 1700 people,we have a lot of woods all around and walks there a lot,we also have a birdreservation just a few miles from the house,here we also walks a lot,we arrenge trip to our area for many Danish walking people,amongst then one of the largest clubs(Fodslaw) in Denmark,so they can come up here and enjoy our beautiful nature,we have a very good relationship with a large hostel near by where we can book place for the walkers.
I also collect polar bears( have abt. 55 various stuffed and china)and seals(have abt.65 various)
I collect pins from all over the world from Olympics,festivals and many other happenings have abt.700 different pins

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21.07 | 20:21

Pagina web muy bonita. FELICIDADES.
Alejandro Reyes (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - Canary Islands), and collect badges Football and Football Referees Associati

15.02 | 13:55

Hej Kim Håber du har det godt. Vi har tidligere byttet pins og nu har jeg samlet en hel del pins med knaplås til at bytte med. Skriv endelig på dylan@email.dk.

14.11 | 13:10

Hej Hanne under Kim Nielsen så ser du et billede af mig så er det bare at klikke på

13.11 | 23:28

Hej Kim
Hvordan finder vi dig på FB ?
Hilsen Hanne med schæferhunden Jazz fra Bornholm rundt 2014

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